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Many atrocities committed in the Old Testament, are done at the order and with the help of God we read, and sometimes is even the sole participator. The Pentateuch in Genesis record the many of that violence, just look at the Noah flood for instance in Genesis 6:8. God wants to kill off all what he made, the entire world will be drowned in a kill them all program. The reason is why? The Pentateuch reveals that the sons of God came on earth and took the human female made them pregnant and they bred giants, there was evil going around. The evil actual did come from the sons of God who started to rape the females. This opens a whole new chapter of possibilities. If God had sons as he said Himself then he must have had a wife or even many wives, as there were many sons of God. And if the Sons of God did this to the Human race and special their females, they must have had some of that evil from their father, God.

Now for the reason that God decides to drown the entire world, killing nearly every living person and animal on earth, is his belief that people are evil and unworthy of existence (Genesis 6:5). The fault lies with the maker and the maker that is God as God allegedly created humans, yet he faults us for being guided by our desires, instincts, and natural tendencies. Since he’s supposedly omniscient, God realized how we were destined to turn from the beginning. He must also have realized that his lament would fuel the urge to destroy his precious creations, only to leave himself back where he started. Even so, he creates Adam, yet hundreds of years later, he drowns nearly all the men, women, and children on the face of the earth because he deliberately chose to make us to his image. If we were made to his image then it would mean that he looks like us, as his sons committed those vile deeds, then he must have known that, and if he did know it he would have also known what would happen next, because he is after all God.

One of the worst death is the slow and painful death, a Good God would not do such a vile act and most certainly not to animals as they were completely innocent in this. But what did he do, right, he killed all in a very slow and painful stressing way, and the believers are calling that good? Even if we suppose those people deserved to die a slow and torturous deaths, what association could we conceivably make between their decisions and the evil way they were killed. A good God would have saved the children and the flora and fauna. Even if that was not his plan could he not have created a more human and quicker death at the very least? Or did He enjoyed the drowning of man, woman, children and animals so much that he did not lifted a finger to save them.

Drowning is a horrible way for people to die. As a result of laying in the water for hours, their muscles burned due to large amounts of lactic acid production. Once they finally gave up, went under, and held their breaths, acidic carbon dioxide eroded their lungs until the unbearable pain forced them to inhale where there was no air for them to breathe. The water brought into their lungs robbed their bodies of oxygen, causing them to go numb. As water violently rushed in and out of their chests, the currents eventually laid their heavily breathing, slowly dying bodies at the bottom of the ocean. The inhaled water caused their lungs to tear and bleed profusely. As their blood supply dwindled, their hearts slowly came to a halt. Even so, their brains continued to process information for another couple of minutes. They were patently aware that death was imminent, yet they could do nothing to prevent it. Now if that is the action of a God that is good then Satan must have been a comfort zone.

This is what God did to every man, woman, child, baby, and animal on earth because not the people but He made a mistake! And did it solve anything, no it did not as Noah and his wife and sons and their wives were from the same make as Adam and the people he just killed off. To make the matters worst when Noah left the Arc he slaughtered some animals as offer to God, and God did like it. Now get this of all animals they had taken two of each animal to preserve them for the future and the first thing he did was slaughtering some of them, and God was pleased with this. Well he was also missing some of the animals he wanted to preserve. This omniscient God does not even realize this; he was pleased at the slaughter of those animals. We would say thank God, Oh, no that is not possible, thank the animal protection squad which it that would happen now would have arrested that God. And if you think that that was it and that God would now start to behave himself as a good God, well you are wrong!

Not satisfied with the total destruction and what he had created himself he already soon started to look for more victims who could be killed in a sadistic way, let us have a look at the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, those cities did not do any harm to anyone, just went their own way maybe not the way God wanted them to go but still. And here we have yet another massacre operation by the love of God to take place in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Genesis 19:24-25 learns us further; God rained on the cities brimstone and fire the fire of God. He overthrew these towns and the whole plain, with all the inhabitants of the cities and everything that grew there. He not only destroyed the cities, the people therein but also all animals and flora, so what was the point of that, what had the flora and fauna to do with what the people had done or not had done. This is simple being sadistic not only evil. If we look back and take God on his own words when he declared that he was good then can he explain this? As a God, a good God he should have assumed the responsibility of taking measures to prevent these actions from somehow becoming necessary. He even remembered that men were evil by nature after the flood. Did he suddenly forget his own words his own opinion when he decided to have some fun and to destroy two entire cities of men, women, and children?

What we see is that God loves slow and painful deaths, the flood drowning was a slow and painful death, but even worst is a slow and painful death by fire. Did he take any responsibility over the by him caused deaths that is if we taking the stories in the Pentateuch for real, instead of a story of imagination, to make the book look good. From the Flood as well the Sodom and Gomorrah destruction is no actual proof. But just ask yourself would a real God be so evil and then pointing out that the Devil is actual the evil one, while we do not know stories of the devil in the Pentateuch which come even near the deeds of God.

So do we take it all with a pinch of salt? A large pinch for that matter and dismiss it completely as a story written with an over indulging fantasy?

We should not, the Pentateuch story in basics is right, what is not right is the as usual over indulgence of the Hebrew fantasy, a fantasy that till today still lingers in the minds of the Israeli when they make up a story, remember the WMD in Iraq. Well they were not there, but what was there was a dictator ripe for removal, so a fantasy was created and the dictator as a result was removed. Or as just did happen the murder on 100 Syrian soldiers by Israel in Damascus, the fantasy was that it concerned weapons for Lebanon, reports show there were none. They did the same in January, and guess what shortly after that, the by Israel supported terrorist used Sarin and via the Israeli media it was allocated as being used by Assad. An Israeli fantasy already exposed as such.

That is how we have to see the stories in the Pentateuch a bottom of reality and an overflow of fantasy to show off. So the next time you read Genesis take one word out of every hundred the rest is fantasy.

The flood of Noah that never did happen, floods did happen regularly, in the Iron and bronze ages local floods, people did die as happens in many floods. The destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah maybe they did happen, maybe they did not even exist, just as the WMD did not exist. And the rest is History.


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