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The strange statements of the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations:

"We would like to make it clear: there is no civil war in Ukraine. There has never been any conflict in Ukraine and Ukrainians have always been living in peace. Ukrainians are not fighting Ukrainians. What is really happening in Eastern Ukraine, Donetsk and Lugansk regions is the ongoing counter-terrorism operation exclusively against large groups of mercenaries, subverts terrorists and criminals, majority of who come from Russia and their military commanders are Russian citizens."

It is rather obvious that honesty is not his strongest point, as such he a thru follower of the Joseph Goebbels doctrine, which dictate that a lie is only a lie when it is proven that it is a lie, but that if you tell that lie long enough people tending to belief it and as such the lie is then the truth.

“Ethnic cleansings” are taking place in Crimea after its annexation by Russia in March, Ukraine's U.N. ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev said in an interview.

As always with this Armenia Ukrainian proof is not supplied but the lie is spread in the hope that if it is told long enough people will belief it even when it never did happen.

We never had even this word, ethnic cleansing, in Ukraine, until the occupation came to Crimea, so now we have ethnic cleansings of Muslims, Christians, Sergeyev said. And this while the history of the Ukraine shows clearly and well documented that they killed hundreds of thousands because they where Polish or Jews in WW2 working together with the Germans.

The same man also said in a speech; we would like to stress the key role in prevention and Criminal Justice programme and the commission on crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in addressing the challenges of transnational human trafficking, organised crime, corruption and terrorism. This coming from a country riddled with corruption, organised crime and human trafficking. Where the present President is accused many times of corruption and supporting organised crime.

That lying is his second nature also shows in Yuriy Sergeyev the Ukrainian ambassador to the United Nations statement when he said; Moscow had already deployed 15,000 troops in his country even before Putin's appeal for legislative authorization of the armed intervention. Russia is allowed to have 16,000 troops in the Crimea, he knows that but lies by suggesting that they where there illegal, which they were not. It was the US controlled media that launched this story and this failure of a man simple repeats what he is told to say. The excuse can be that now the Ukraine is near 100% controlled by the US/EU in social and political actions and by the IMF for all financial actions.

If you think that this is absurd then read what he said (part): Turning back the tragic pages of Ukrainian history, we are pursuing the following goals: Firstly, to expose the truth to our compatriots about the reason of the extermination of Ukrainians by famine, in order to never allow dictatorship regimes to appear in the future on our land; This while from day one the Ukraine is ruled by a string of dictators even on this moment even if this president is an US appointee.

He is a supporter of the Stepan Bandera figure one of the most controversial figures in Ukrainian history. Bandera, who’s Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) fought for national independence during the turbulent interwar years, "aimed to make of Ukraine a one-party fascist dictatorship without national minorities," as was written by the historian Timothy Snyder in 2010. "Bandera and other Ukrainian nationalists [in the 1930s] saw the Nazis as the only power that could destroy both of their oppressors, Poland and the Soviet Union." For these reasons, Bandera and some Ukrainian nationalists collaborated with advancing German forces as they swept through Eastern Europe, even allegedly helping the Nazis target Ukrainian Jews.

However, Hitler had no intention of allowing Ukrainian independence, and hunted down the very leaders who had helped him to progress vastly in the Ukraine, the OUN's leaders spent much of the war in a Nazi concentration camp after declaring a short-lived independent Ukrainian state in 1941 but went on helping the Germans until 1945, eventually forming a paramilitary force, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), that opposed both the Germans and the Soviets. It is said but never proven that the KGB later assassinated Bandera in West Germany in 1959. As such there is a strong link that the Ukraine Western population where indeed collaborating with the Germans just as they do now with Germany in a wider EU contexts, and under tied USA control.

His excuse that the Ukraine did fight against the Germans was correct in that contents that the Easter Ukraine did fight against, but that the Western Ukraine did fight with the Germans from 1941 till 1945 Killing hundreds of thousands in the process Polish Rumanians and Jewish. It is the same Western Ukraine group the descendents of the Bandera gangsters that was contracted by the US/EU to start the rebelling at Maidan, however this born Armenian seems to have lost his memory suddenly, either that or the dollars from the US made him forget what should not be forgotten.

However we can refresh his memory; during the Euro maidan protests, two far-right Ukrainian groups rose to prominence. Pravy Sektor (or Right Sector), a nationalist group, manned barricades and clashed with riot police in Kiev's Independence Square over the course of the uprising against Yanukovych. The militant organization has not denied claims that it is anti-Semitic, but it has also spoken out against homosexuality and embraces an ideology that borders on fascism. But Pravy Sektor was only a minor political player in Ukraine's post-Yanukovych government. It is now a major player with two of their most fanatic supporters running (ruining) the country, Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko, both groomed and elevated to the roles they have now.

The nationalist Svoboda (Freedom), a political party founded in 1991 and the more powerful of the two organizations, draws upon the ideology of Yaroslav Stetsko, one of Bandera's OUN allies during the war. It holds 37 seats in Ukraine's 450-seat parliament and five of its members are part of Ukraine's new government, including the deputy prime minister. Although its leaders claim to have moderated in recent years, the European Parliament condemned Svoboda in 2012 for racist, anti-Semitic, and xenophobic sentiments that were "against the EU's fundamental values and principles." And now is one of the greatest admirers of the Svoboda party. With this view the EU does support Nazi and Fascists in the Ukrainian government, hence none of what the EU says concerning this government can be taken serious but must be seen as following the USA orders.

And while Russia called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in response to the worsening violence in eastern Ukraine. The 15-member council met briefly behind closed doors on Monday, to discuss a draft resolution calling for the immediate halt to military operations against pro-Russian separatists. Vitaly Churkin, Russia's permanent representative to the UN said that Kiev's large scale military strikes had levelled residential areas, killing innocent civilians. As could be seen in the aerial photo’s taken on Sunday the 29/06/2014.

"Our draft demands an immediate cessation of hostilities and urges the parties to commit themselves to sustainable ceasefire and calls for the establishment by the parties of humanitarian corridors, in order to allow the civilian population to leave safely and to ensure humanitarian assistance."

However, it was Kiev's UN representative Yuri Sergeyev who accused Moscow of sponsoring terrorism and inciting the unrest in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine has slammed the draft resolution, calling it "cynical and immoral." It will be obvious that he once again failed to provide any proof as he is adhering to the Joseph Goebbels doctrine in his obvious admiration for Nazi Germany. His statement follows the USA instructions as a logical Statement; all the killings Kiev do are good and all the peace efforts of Russia are bad in this eyes of the UN, the US controlled organisation, Yuriy Sergeyev.

The crawler is so desperate for attention, that he refuses to give up his job at the UN as he said he represent the people of the Ukraine. He said that he would continue in his position as he represented the people, not any particular government, during a press conference in New York. The ambassador also said that his people were not struggling for integration into the European Union, but in defence of their rights. We are here not to work for the government; we are here to work for the State and its people, as I said yesterday at the Ukrainian manifestation in front of the Consulate general." Can there be more arrogance and desperation then acknowledging that he does not care about the president, the government, the parliament but only the State, or is it simple total delusional?

April 2007 present Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations a job he refuse to leave which means he us there under the instruction of the USA and that the President of the Ukraine does not has the power to remove him other then get in trouble with the US, and that is something that Ukraine cannot afford.

It proofs beyond any doubt, that the Ukraine just as the rest of the EU is fewer than 100% control of the US administration. Obvious is that the members of the Ukraine in UN or other International functions are dominated and controlled by the US administration. Therefore, the entire goings on in the East of the Ukraine is an US creation, either to control or to invoke a war with Russia, one the US would lose even with the help of his controlled allies.

It is obvious also that either the US controls the neo-Nazi’s and the Fascists in the National guard as so far they are not mercenaries, cannot control them are the instigators of the murders. Obvious also is that the US is slowly strangling themselves by creating too many conflicts they do not control anymore, and as history does show time after time if that happens the end is near!

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