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The question on many people’s mind is and must be is God indeed the creator, no one, however, can have a correct idea about the creation of Earth and Universe, unless there are some general principles around that will enlighten the main principles of such an creation. We are aware that in principle there are two worlds which are important to us, the spiritual world where the angels and the spirits are placed, and our natural world in which we are living. In each of those worlds there is a sun, in the angels and spirit world we have God the creator as the Sun which shines over us. With pure love which gives us the pleasure of warmth and wisdom, while in the natural world man has the daily shine of the sun from which he receives light and heat.

The Sun of the centre of God is a sun that spread warmth and wisdom in a never ending stream to us in which He shows the love for man. The sun over the natural world is pure fire, meaning that the heat and the light are in effect death and only are there as a part of the creation of God the creator. How the creation proceeded from his early stages would take too much time to explain, but let us be satisfied for the moment that the spirit and the natural world would not exist as the other would not exist they both rely on each other. The love and wisdom of God which are one and the same in God is not an abstract wisdom and love but are embodied in Him as one as God is the absolute only. Everything was created from the divine wisdom and love and what that means we can see in John 3:1 4:1/8 The word was with God, and God was the word: all things where made by him, and the world was made by home, God is love.

At this point we have to make a stop, when we now know that God is love, that he is the Sun that shines upon us providing us with His love and Wisdom then it creeps up on us, that many passages in the Bible, special the Old Testament the first 5 books, and the historical further parts of it, are riddled with violence death and killings. We see that God takes revenge for every little mistake or mishap made by people, mistakes that in normal life occur thousands of times but are seen by God as a life sentence mishap.

So did ask Jephthah for God’s assistance in killing the children of Ammon and promises him the first person out of his house upon his return as a sacrifice if God will agree to aid him with this mass murder. God apparently does not hesitate but almost instant hands the children of Ammon over to him. And when Jephthah returns from his slaughter, his daughter, an only child, makes her way outside to welcome him home. The love of his daughter, the welcome she gave to him the adoration for him counts to nothing as a couple of weeks later he slaughter his only child as a sacrifice to God (Judges 11:29-39

So now we know that God is good and holds his love over us and let his wisdom shine, but if that is the case then why should he wanted to ask for the death of an innocent child to be slaughtered for him in gratitude. That is of course unless God sees us mere humans just as possessions with what he can do what he wants. Questions, questions, questions. In our life time we have to go true many government censuses not willingly but under government’s orders. It is in our eyes a waste of time and energy, but for the government a measure of size of the population and other details they find they need for ruling a country. That is how the situation is now but also how it was under King David when he was ruling Israel.

As King he decides to conduct a census to see how large the population is and other details he need to run the country proper. WRONG! In the eyes of God it was a horrendous sin, a sin of enormous proportions a sin to be punished instantly. It is in the bible never explained as why it was such a horrendous sin. If  it was such a sin in the eyes of God, many leaders in the world who believe and worship Him should have been punished by now, none actual is, then again in line with the Israeli stories as that is what they are, the sinner is never punished the innocent are.

That cannot be clearer shown then in some examples. Take Israel the followers of the Pentateuch, They always punish the innocent almost never the sinners, if Palestinians attack then Israel punish the woman and children who are innocent, in line with the stories of the Pentateuch where also the sinners are let of mostly and instead the innocent are punished. We never have seen a explanation an statement of why but, as punishment for King David’s poor decision, he  select seven years of famine, three months of fleeing from his enemies, and three days of pestilence and says to King David, have your pick. Unable to make a choice out of the on offer being punishments for the people of Israel, who had no part in King David’s decision and therefore were complete innocent he leaves the choice to God. The God of love and wisdom who now have decided to punish innocent people for a sin, what actual was no sin, from King David, who will not be punished. Neither wisdom nor love is found here!

Another example of in present days is the actions of the believers and worshippers of God by their own admissions G W Bush and T Blair. They broke all of Gods words and law’s by attacking Iraq on a barrage of lies but were they punished? No they were most certainly not they were rewarded with riches, while 100,000 innocent died as a result. Or take the actions of two other acknowledge believers and worshippers B H Obama and D Cameron they also have broken all of Gods law’s and words and still do look at the senseless killings of them in Libya and their promotion of killings in Syria and their wanting of more killings in Iran and that all based on 100% lies supplied by Israel the ancestrally inventers of the Pentateuch stories. Again 100,000 people have died and more will die for the sins of them but are they punished by God? No they are not they are rewarded again by riches while the innocents are killed and see their lives torn apart. So what did King David do to divert the wrath of God from him to his people?

King David chose pestilence. (2 Samuel 24:15). God decide then that to kill so much as possible he picks the three days of pestilence which resulted in the deaths of 70,000 men. No doubt woman and children as well but woman and children are hardly mentioned in this kind of mentioned acts. For the bible those minor humans, the woman and children were only mentioned if they had to produce children or children had to be married out. The word equality was obvious unknown in the Old Testament. Again, God murders enough people to fill a sizable city for the “sin” of one man. King David cries out to God for an explanation and asks him why he wants to murder innocent people who had nothing to do with the decision to hold a census. Of course God doesn’t provide an impossible answer for this sensible question, but his reasons scarcely seem morally or ethically justifiable (2 Samuel 24:17).

To stay a little longer with King David, we all know the story of him wanting a married woman from one of his officers named Bathsheba, and he knowingly pursued her in the full knowledge that she was married. Driven by his lust, King David orders her husband to the front lines of a battle so that the enemy will take care of his problem. That does happen and the officer dies while fighting for his King. God then becomes extremely angry with David for this what he sees as a crime, and sent a prophet out to warn King David. But King David pushed it aside and the woman got pregnant. Once the new couple has a child, God afflicts it with illness for a week and then watching it dies slowly. (2 Samuel 11, 12:14-18). Here we see it again, King David has a problem with God and God react with killing an innocent person in this case a baby, which makes him actual a baby killer, a picture that classes with his projection of being the God of wisdom and love. Again, God exterminates an innocent baby for the actions of the father.

Sometimes you get the feeling that the God as portrayed in the Old Testament must have been suffering of memory loss. How otherwise can it be that God does punish King David’s followers with a three year famine? At one point, God sends a famine upon David’s followers. When King David asks God for an explanation and a justification, he’s told, “It is for Saul, and his bloody house, because he slew the Gibeonites” (2 Samuel 21:1). God fast pass over the simple fact that that did happen many years ago and had nothing to do with the reign of King David, and that Saul had died many years before. So why God did decides to punish once again people who had nothing to do with the decisions of their former King?

But enough about King David and let us move on to King Solomon another object of God’s passion for punishing others for crime committed by the ones in power. Solomon, turns away from the Israeli God and started to worship other deities. Solomon’s decision infuriates God, but it is not him who will be punished because God likes him, no he takes it out on the son much later when that son comes to power.(1 Kings 11:9-13). Once again, we see that God follows the same pattern he does not punish the ones he likes or who do obey his wishes, no he takes it out on the innocent of no importance.  It shows that it is impossible to be free from God’s anger even when living in total obedience to him.

Instead of directly murdering people or using his followers to execute similar commands, the apparently insatiable God begins sending animals to kill those who displease him. On one occasion, he has a lion kill a man because he refuses to hit someone (1 Kings 20:35). God sends his lions out again to kill a group of people who were new to Samaria. The reason for this atrocity is their lack of worship, even though they were never informed of the proper worship methods (2 Kings 17:24-26). However, this supposedly insignificant detail didn’t halt God from killing them. He had to have known that he would eventually murder this party, but instead of properly instructing them, God just kills them. Does this resemble the Creator, the God of wisdom and love, no it most certainly does not.

To stay with this animal festival of inconceivable irrationality, God sends forth two bears to kill forty-two children for making fun of Elisha’s bald head (2 Kings 2:23-24). Why would the God of Love , lacks the wisdom to see the illogical side of his decision and the lack of wisdom to have two bears viciously maul little children for acting like…children? This is supposed to be the same wise and loving God whose Son later says “Let the children come to me” but forgot to add that his father had those same children mauled by wild animals for being just children. Does this again portray the wise and loving God who promises us eternal life? However can we believe this, can a God who irrational kills people for the sins of others not simple having us on and we all ending up in Hell as we are the innocent and he has to punish someone for the sins of the ones who ignore his words and wishes.

Do we have to go inside the minds of the creator or should we take the creators of the Old Testament with a large pinch of salt. If we do that then we have to conclude that God did not punish anyone, but tried to spread love and wisdom. While the so called punishments were in fact nothing else then human short comings, others were natural occurrences and accidents with wild animals. All those kind of natural disasters do occur to day; people are still attacked by wild animals and dogs (3700 a year in the UK, Holland and Germany alone) are these punishments from God for something someone somewhere did. Of course not for all those things are perfectly logical reasons which have nothing to do with God.

It has all to do with creating stories in which the people are warned that a sin will result in punishment, but that the rulers and the rich can actual do what they want, unless they fall from grace. The creators knew that they could not come away with suggesting that if the King or another leader would do something wrong against the law’s of God, he would be punished. If they would write that they would be the one who would be punished by the King or leader at that moment, so they created the punishment for the innocent and then linking it to the King or leader as it were their people and their people would be punished. That way it looks like the King or leaders are punished through the killing of their people. Indeed food for psychiatrics.

In our view God is wisdom and love; we can only presume that the writers had to find excuses for the natural disasters as they occurred, just as some fanatics do today. God who created us knows that we have faults; he knows we are not perfect, and he most certainly will not punish us for every little thing that does happen. Why should he as he will judge us at the last day, why doing things twice, He would not as he is the wisdom and love!






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