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The prophecies had been spoken to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and of many more prophecies most had one part in common they all had a double reference. This was partly due to the fact that the prophecy to Abraham contained a [part to that wherein all the nations of the earth are blessed in him, being made co-heirs with Christ in the glory and kingdom of heaven. Some prophecies have even a triple meaning in them, some concerning the earthly Jerusalem, some the heavenly and some had both.
However, one thing they did have not, the deliberate destruction of the world for pure financial gains. Christ made already a warning when he did enter the Temple on his visit to Jerusalem, He went into the Temple and drove out all those who were dealing there, he over turned the tables of the money changers and, said Matthew 21:13, According to the scripture my house will be called a house of prayer, but you are turning it into a robbers den.

Those robbers are still among us, but they are now called bankers and politicians and they do not heed the warning of Jesus as revealed in revelations the epilogue, instead they misusing His name to commit the very crimes for which they will be burned in Hell, even if the belief and use the phrase, Jesus took our sins so we can now do what we want, but He said: This is my solemn warning to all who hear the prophecies in this book: if anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him every plague mentioned in the book; . Revelation 22:18.

This warning should have been heeded but is not. If we do feed this warning to the world, the USA the EU the warning could simple have been if a Country does not get his finances in a controllable order they would be rejected from the EU States. Unless they are not in the EU but under American control and financed by the EU then they do not have their finances in order and the IMF has suddenly a corrupt blank and gives them more money, as they have done in the bankrupt Ukraine. The philosophy behind that is that it would not be possible or fair to and for the other EU nations to go on forever to fund the spending of a failing country. However they did not do so. Maybe they will in the future otherwise they will regret it in the future but on this moment there is no break on the spending of other EU countries as they simple can expect that the rich EU countries will bail them out. That expectation you can reflect on at the EU Parliaments decisions to reject austerity proposals forced upon them while not needed. A stern lending warning made to Greece would have avoided this.

If the EU had a central account control then they could have prevented the slide of the Mediterranean countries in a near financial oblivion. In the time between then and now the EU have allocated an instant amount of Billion’s for emergencies. While on a discreet way the EU central bank will buy Bonds to avoid the expected speculation. Because in all this upheaval of finances Europe but also worldwide it should not be forgotten that the speculations from financial institutions in the States and the UK and Iceland started the problems. As a result the Euro is now a currency that should be avoided as the plaque being a step by step sliding scale.

The collapse of the Lehman brothers followed by Freddy Mac and Fanny May only just speeded the problems up as that collapse worldwide would come in any case. The law of average would have made it clear to any banker that in bad times nobody spent and in good times they all overspent. Then if the overspending cannot be returned, regardless of this from Individuals or from States, the banks have problems, then if the inter lending stops recession sticks his head up once again. This will go on happening time after time.

It will be obvious that the US and EU have spend considerable more than other countries. Those countries with absurd debts are also the countries that are always at war for one reason of another. Mainly to assist the US in their wars for Oil, by them allocated as the war against terrorism. Whereas by the notion need to be attached that as they had behaved themselves as a normal peaceful country there would not be a war on terrorism on the scale it is now. There is never in the world history a notion that terrorism actual was defeated.

There was during the election in the UK a lot of screaming from a certain press and media as that the UK was in the top of finances and business but is was never even near this, it is sliding slowly into a similar state as Greece. However, that was written and said to win an election for the party they supported, it was not correct nor did they win. People have more intellect then that. As can be seen the public debt of Japan is indeed very high, whereas by 90% of the debt is owned by the Japanese themselves, this combined with a high savings rate makes it easier for the Government to finance. In comparison, foreigners own In the US 25% of the debt while also the saving is minimal. Here is the important factor that the annual debt is growing creating a deterioration of the public debt. 

The parallel between the EU and the UK is obvious, both have a low savings rate and an increasing debt; however, the ECB have managed, mainly by cutting down on all things possible keep the spending from rising to fast although with not much success. In the UK there are also sharp cuttings in Health/benefits and pensions but the spending on defence has risen in the last 15 years to an abnormal rate for a country of the UK size, will also be cut to nominal. Hence, although the situation is not good, it is in the UK not half as good as the Conservative promoting newspapers want the citizen to believe. Moreover, indeed many did not believe it. After all, they could check the figures on the internet themselves. Therefore, that the Conservative party did win was a surprise for almost everyone special when they did it with only 22% of the total registered voters. If you here the Conservative News papers you would think they had won by a landslide.

That the Conservatives have the same rights as the two other parties cannot be seen in the reality where the Conservatives are indoctrinating the citizens with the help of the USA media’s. After all this is politic not honesty, honesty has nothing to do with it. One lie is just as good as another lie as so long there is a group in the society who actual believe it. However, man can ask what would have been the result if those papers had told the right side of the story. What if many voters rejected from voting and those on the country side who were told to vote Conservative or to lose their job, what if they had been able to vote, what if they had be able to make a choice. However, one thing must be clear, news papers can side with a political party, for the benefit of promises made by that party, but they should not disregard the reality and the truth as they do now.lie outright as is done now.

If they wish to do so then they place themselves at the same level as the Volkische Beobachter the newspaper who promoted Adolf Hitler into power. And who acted in the similar to promoted |Cameron into power, all on a lie and a fantasy. We agree the previous shadow premier was not a movie star image. We realise that in English speaking Countries it does not the matter what the man knows but how he looks and how good he can expresses him, but elected a complete douche bag is not the English way. Of the Conservatives will do better in time, who knows. Certain is that they will increase the Aid spending as that is the area were the US will demand increases and were they had their fall-out with the sitting premier. Who will suffer? Who knows, however, fact is that the Conservatives is a party of the rich and wealthy, they look in first instance after the rich and wealthy, their history shows that and the Conservatives Councils act like that on a near daily base. Statements made before and after the election are clear enough and directed against the poor, the disabled and the ones without work, which the Conservatives say in disgusting high, they forget that it was higher when they were in power.

It does shows that the words of the UK PM Johnson are hollow words such as we do not want war and then a almost total eliminate Libya, a almost destrued Syria a civil war in Ukraine and the one they hope to create in Belarus, we do not want war and then send in destructing fighter planes into Syria. We are a Christian country while allowing that Christians references are removed from shops/cinemas and government buildings, but allowing the promotion of other religions and faiths, hollow words. Sayings like we want a new treaty with the EU, while they laughing in his face very well knowing that UK will stay out even if all the yes votes have to be changed into No votes.

We say “Happy is the man that find wisdom, and the man that gets understanding.” Now, this is particularly a word to those who are not convinced that the UK PM is a jolly joker, the Americans would say douche bag but still see him as a human, for “finding wisdom” means to be brought to the fear of the Lord. Wisdom is the fear of the Lord, to know the Saviour, to see that we are sinners, to own that we are sinners, to confess that we are sinners; and then to put our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for the salvation of our souls. That is the meaning of finding wisdom. Now, before going on any further, I affectionately ask the little company here present, “Are we all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ?” God’s delight is to make us all as happy as we are capable of being while yet in the body. Now, have we obtained this real, true happiness, every one of us, through faith in the Lord Jesus? That is my desire and my prayer regarding all here present.

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