32618 or just a little bounce

Big Bang or just a little bounce?


At a meeting of  High school teachers, there was a particular item on the agenda called “our interpretation of the Big Band theory”.


The discussion after the usual observations made came to the point of what are we telling the students. The majority of those teacher admitted that they teaches that the big bang was a fact and that before the big bang there was absolutely nothing. The world is not made in time but simultaneously with time. This would mean that the big bang was not a sudden appearance of matter in an preexisting void, but came into existence of being time itself.


In the opinions of the group who support the big bang, there was no “before” no existing of God or any physical process, to wear itself out in infinite preparation.                                                                                                                                                                            As is the case with the creation theory, nobody was there and nobody did observe it, to use their own words. This is a miscalculation the creationist will point out, there was a witness, and it was observed. God told us so in the bible.


 It was Einstein who taught us that time and space are not merely an immutable arena in which the great cosmic drama is acted out, but are part of the cast-part of the physical universe. As physical entities, time and space can change- suffer distortions-as a result of gravitational processes?



Again this is a theory and the gravitational theory predicts that under the extreme conditions that prevailed in the early universe, space and time may have been so distorted that there existed a boundary, or "singularity," at which the distortion of space-time was infinite, and therefore through which space and time cannot have continued. The problem with all those theories is that they are just what they say they are “theories”. No proof exist.



Others will leave us to believe that theory does prove itself. Problem here is that unless we can map the whole of the Universe, we cannot proof a single thing, we can proclaim it as a proven theory but that is not proof, just theory.  In fact the expanding of the Universe is a theory, based on what we can see and calculate, we can only see a small part, what does happen in that part does not automatically happen in another part. That would be the same as seeing a mountain from one side and then to proclaim that all what is happening on that side of the mountain is uniform for the whole of the mountain, which could be or could not be.



We have only one solid fact in all those theories, we guess we calculate we make presumption, but we do not have a clue of what is real or guess work. The big bang started out of nothing, however once again that is not possible, such an occurrence if that indeed did happen, as for that there is no proof either, cannot start without a cause which created the big bang. The theory that such an occurrence did happen out of nothing is a fable.



Nothing in air less empty space will happen even if it could be observed, forever.

Before the big bang that must have the case if we have to believe the proclaimers of the big bang.

Therefore by definition the theory of the big bang is incorrect. We do not dispute the effects an big bang could have on the present situation, nor we dispute that an simulated big bang can provide information. However, the big bang itself nobody can.



It is therefore wrong for teachers to proclaim that the big bang created the beginning but that before the big bang there was nothing, even the most clue less teacher could figure that out them selves.



However just as the big bang does not have an proven back ground, teachers now a day just tell their students what is written in their education instructions, regardless. Certainly they cannot say there is proof. The question WHY pops up her, is this is proof, can we see it, if it was God can we speak to Him, and more important can He explain how he did it. Again the answer is a simple one, just read the bible, you will see Gods word, or read Einsteins work. Both however are full of suggestions and possibilities, but they do not have the smallest of proof. In both cases it is just, you have to believe. 

From our point of view, we can read the bible, Einsteins work or any other book but it is not our intention to believe what is written in a book as a book does not constitute proof. No sensible scientist will ever sink that far if he is honest with himself. In short, both sides have no proof of how it started. While the scientist clamping themselves on to the big bang, the believer simple reads the bible and believes.


Now this is a clear point, the reading of the bible and the God told them so. Let us dwell on this for a little. God told us so, did he come down to earth, took a chair next to Adam and then told his story while having a drink and a bite to eat. Genesis mention several times that God spoke, problem is there are no witnesses no evidence other then the story told a story written and re-written many times in history to suit the purpose.

If we remember well, this is the same God who is All-Good, who decided to kill all living species on earth except some selected ones. He did this by flooding the Earth with water, and to kill all. That water must have reached at least 30.000 feet. And all that water was created in only 40 days, an unrealistic and mathematical impossibility. If he did not like the humans why kill all the animals this does not make sense.


 This God must have been paranoid, as he also did not like that the people spoke the same language and created the Babylonian language disaster.
This God if we understand the bible right was still All-Good, but obvious not a friendly one.

That he did not trusted his creation from day one was obvious, that is why he created the tree of good and evil, this baffles us, if as he said in the bible he created looked at it and found it good. Why the tree of evil, why create something that could make something what was good, evil. Unless he was playing a game and had no intention to leave people in the Garden of Eden. If we look around the world today, he still seems to be playing the same game over and over. All Good, complete Evil would be nearer to the point.

We do realize that the bible was just a folk’s tale and that those things did not really happen, but the one who wrote and re-wrote the bible and still re-writing it. They could make an effort to make it a little less violent, less wars, less rapes, less killings and more all-good. However, we do think we did point out the obvious.

However, how many billions are now not wasted to proof what cannot be proven yet for certain unless we know what created the big bang. The simple there was nothing at all before does not show a possibility.


Out of nothing, comes nothing, everything has a beginning. To say that the Big Bang came out of nothing is to put yourself on one line with God. Before God there was nothing, before the Big Bang there was nothing.

As you can see it does not add up at all. And that is what they teach students.

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