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The USA is a large country they could have found a similar size as that of Israel to give that to the Jewish’s, or had allocated the Sinai to the people. The world would have been a safer place as it is the attendance of Israel that creates all the present problems. There is no doubt that the Jews should have their own country but why did it needed to be taken from others to be given to them. Promises and financial and social blackmail that was the reason based on God has given us the land. Well God has just given us the USA but for sure we would end up in a straight jacket if we would go there and claim it. It is therefore strange that the Jews and the USA are surprised that the original population was not exactly ecstatic by the arrival of Western and Eastern European Jews. It could be seen as placing a wolf in the middle of a flock of sheep, or the end of peace.



The point is that in the USA as in Europe Jews are questioning the way Israel operate, there are Jewish groups who feel it is immoral to remain silent in the face of what they see as Israel’s mistreatment of the Palestinians. Things are changing the perception is that the Jewish community, the Jewish progressives, are feeling they have enough and rising up. In the Europe there is a similar process as there is in the USA. It would be helpful if the Jewish world community accept that Israel is a Western Country in a Semitic setting. Hence every illegal action they take is in facto an Anti-Semitic action and by definition they are the Anti-Semitics.



The Israeli state should allow people to criticize harshly it is their constitution right to do so, it maybe, just maybe activate the Israeli politicians to use wisdom instead of violence to solve a problem. We acknowledge that this are not normal times, by stating this we have also to acknowledge that the majority of the problems are due to actions by the Israeli Government as such we are not allowed to ignore the reality. Criticizing Israel is one thing to do; it is also dangerous as it may activate others to delegitimize the state of Israel. Regardless of the question of the State of Israel has the original right to be there, they are there and they are a state as such they have a right. The time has passed a long time ago to challenge the legality of the State of Israel. At the same time Israel has to accept the legal right of the Palestinians at their own state. Refusing to do so means simple that the legal right of Israel is also in question, there cannot be a rule for one and a rule for the others.



Again Israel is not a Semitic state and therefore the words Anti-Semitic cannot be used in one line with Anti-Israel by doing so it should read Anti-Anti Semitic, as the countries around Israel are Semitic while Israel is an Western state what only a newly learned language have in common. Again we have to state this again Anti-Zionism has no relationship to either Anti-Semitic or Semitic. Although the support for Israel is difficult to establish there is not such a hesitation for Zionism and the Jewish communities should be proud to stand up for that. What is even more important is that they have to let go of that chip on their shoulder, it is out of date, but not forgotten.



 The only reason that the tide is turning against Jewish is because of the Israeli terrorist actions. They get the blame for the Zionist regime actions. It would be time that Jews made a point of acknowledging the state of Israel as a basic Jewish state which in reality bears no relationship to their being Jewish outside the Zionist state of Israel. It is also imperative that Jews not longer connect themselves in first line to the memories of the Holocaust. It made people tired to hear it over and over again while the history has to in the smallest of details explained the genocide attempt by Hitler of the Jewish people, although it never should be forgotten, and schools around the world should remind the pupils of the dangers of hatred against an particular group.  Jewish people have to stand up for being Jew, just as the Christian stands up for his belief without out mentioning that it was the Jewish pressure on the Romans to murder Jesus. It is past, a new chapter is there, move on, but never forgets, without adding remember the holocaust. Believe us we all do even without being attended on that fact time after time, and every time you have a Jewish conversation. Remembering it, yes most certainly, but bringing it up in any interview, any conversation, any speech, no. If the Jews have a fear that the world will forget then don’t bother, they never will, even if it was just because of the name Israel.




Would it not be time that special the USA  Jews let go of that chip on their shoulder by admitting that anti-Semitism has nothing to do with Jews they are neither Semitic or anti-Semitic. The words as such can only be used in relationship with Israel as the Anti-Semitic force against the surrounding Semitic population. If the Jewish population would let go of their hang-ups and acted together then the Jewish as a religion would grow again, instead of declining. Another point that irritate would be Jewish supporters is the beyond believe arrogance of the Jewish intellectuals, others they find unimportant and only themselves are important, it makes people turn away. That turning away is the first step to ignoring it on the sliding scale to hatred. We have seen it in the UK, an artificial created anti-Semitism by the ruling party in the hope of the decline of the opposition.



What most people due to the actions of the state of Israel forget is that the Jews have a rich culture, a culture which outstretches many other cultures. Do we not remember the enthusiastic outburst of dancing, as an old dance member of the Jewish dance group Zajetnica in the 60ths we do. We did get all the public on our side, we traveled even to Eastern Europe, and special the enthusiastic welcome in Kiev will never be forgotten. However do we see it now? Now we are lucky to see anyone after dark of the Jewish community of Amsterdam or London on the street, to risky. Not that they did or do anything wrong, no it is because of the Anti-Semitic actions by the state of Israel. Is it wonder that someone said in London's Golders Green, I just wish that this Israel disappear we would have peace again and dance in the street once more. Is it wonder that Jews are fearful if in the Joden Buurt in Amsterdam a Jew was beaten, for no other reason than that the state of Israel had killed some Hamas members. It has nothing to do with the Jews; it is an argument between the state of Israel and his neighbors.


The Jewish establishment has turned Judaism into a cheer-leading religion for a state that has a lot of Jews, but has seriously lost sight of the Jewish culture which was hoped for by the early Zionists. The renewal and revitalization of Jewish culture is halted because of the continues actions of the state of Israel. It has done far more damage than has contributed to the Jewish culture and it created anti-Jewish feelings by many all over the world. There too many so-called critics who see all what Israel does as a civilized humanitarian action whereby accidental people are killed beaten or worse. The problem here is that too many actual films and photo's are daily are contributed to the Internet, photo's which do not lie, films that show a dramatic scenery with killing soldiers against unarmed civilians. People who are driven by force out of their houses their grounds and deprived from any form of living. In the deluded mind of the Israel supporters at all times, this does not happen. The photos are fakes and the films are doctored to make it look bad they say. However problem for those Israel supporters is that if they for one minute would open their eyes or not hold open their hands for more money, they would see the reality they now ignore.




So are they calling the killing of 4 people a massacres if they are Israelis but the killing of two thousand Palestinian an accidental incursion with no harm intended. So long those Jews insist on portraying their form of reality, the hate for Jews will increase. It will be the Jews in Europe who will bear the brunt of the by Israel and the Zionist created hate. It will be not the Jews in Israel. Fact is that the Anti-Semitic Government from Israel needs to be told to start to behave as civilized people and not and that is from what is seen in Israel/Negev by the writer as a kind of Jewish SS. They took our film and photo's but not the mobile phone around the neck of one of our party and the photos stored there in.



 We do not inflame situations but facts are facts, regardless of critics living thousands of kilometers away like it or not. What we did see was simple a pogrom on the Bedouins. We would not mention this if they collected the members of Hamas and put them away permanent as we think that the people of Gaza are better off when Hamas is not there it would create a more positive area after a period of consultation and UN cooperation. In fact we would not be surprised that if Israel stops their Anti-Semitic actions and attacks and start to see all people as people regardless of they are Christians Muslims or Jewish, Israel would have an extended save water border.



The so-called experts of the situation in Israel should stop with calling Palestinians/Jordanians, the Arabs and the people of Gaza of being Anti-Semitic. They are the original Semitics and it makes the so-called experts look rather dim. Semitics who are Anti-Semitics does not sound correct even if those so-called experts want to prove a point in saying look at us we poor Jews surrounded by Anti-Semitics. Call on the facts, so-called experts, Israel is the Anti-Semitic as explained before and the Semitics is the victims. The right of the State of Israel is not in dispute, but their right to steal to kill and to discriminate that is in dispute.




The actions of the state of Israel, their open and hidden actions, are a treat to the safety of the world, weapons of mass destruction including nuclear weapons in Israeli hands are more worrying then nuclear weapons in Iranian hands. Israel is deluded by power and their want for war. Altogether this is not the Jewish way, not the way of life Jews want, obvious there is a large dividing line between the State of Israel’s Zionists and the real Jews of the world.



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