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Many worldwide renowned writers are using the same concept of writing as the writers of the Bible did thousands of years ago and like the creationist story making lots of money out of it. Who need honesty, if you have a creationist nearby? And that all for making a couple of dollars more, but to stay with the original point, if God had so many sons, which one was Jesus? If we let the creationist go on then in another 20 or 30th or so, years the bible will be completely a different book. Earth will have been in existence for millions of years the sons of God were dwelling on it and created many others. And Adam and Eve were only mentioned because they were appointed to the Garden of Eden.

Consider this if you want to be taken in and willing to part with your money, If God is all powerful and good why was and is he than willing to let yet another fantasy of the creationist the devil/Satan rule the earth. This contradict the story, again he is either all-powerful or good, or has limited power and the goodness is gone to the devil. We have to realize that written records of this geneses story is only less than 2500 old. There are some written scrolls and tablets from before that but they can be explained as well to the Hebrews as to any other tribe living in the Fertile Crescent.

Creationists will you to believe that the records are over 5000 years old. Do not believe that. If you ask for proof they show you the bible. Their bible in a new version unrecognisable version from the original, almost completely different than the Hebrew original scrolls. Still there is the question of the Angels. Angels are an invention of the Christian Church, they needed Good and Evil. Therefore they created Lucifer and the angels, and then they changed Lucifer into Satan and Satan into the Devil. Nowhere in the original bible is there a mention that angels who were only created in the New Testament were already on earth before Adam and Eve. To make them and gave them and place in the bible they simple created them in the New Testament. There is no proof of any of it. Just as there is no proof of the Hobbits, out of the Lord of the Rings.

Most creationists are masters of fiction and fantasies. In their attempt to sell and to make belief they are willing to re-write, to distort and to alter anything what is needed. What they do realize is that they slowly sitting with egg on their faces, as it becomes more and obvious the evolutionists having a point. This not based on fantasy and re-written books but on search and research, on estimates and clear-cut facts. Hence we see that more and more creationist now extending the earth further. It does happen sly and almost invisible. But their latest statements do show clearly that there was now a clear-cut earth far before Adam and Eve.

It will be only a matter of time when they will launch their new chapter of the explanation of the dinosaurs. Just wait for it. The bible will be re-written. Statements of the church and the saints will be pulled apart and fit together again to get the proof they need to present as a part of the bible and their explanations. The book of genesis has fallen apart under scrutiny of the facts. It is a curiosity that the creationist is willing to change the bible, change reality just to present it as a believer. It is obvious that they do not belief it themselves. They would not alter the original for a fantasy.

There are souls who do not understand the sudden change between reptiles and mammals, we simple say back to school and this time, learn. See what impact a meteor can have when plunged into earth.
So what is the purpose of the creationists besides earning money, in short more money.
If there was no money to be received they would not bother. The Abrahamic religions having all one God, they using the same bible and the same originality. They all offer, if we are good in place in heaven, were ever that may be, or a place in hell, were ever that may be. In fact and reality it is meaningless, purposeless, it is also immoral and emotional torture. It is based on a simple book written in complete form after the beginning of the New Testament, which itself was written and re-written altered and re-written many times from the 3rd century AD.

God is attributed in the old and new testament an series of hair raising cruelties, which makes the cruelties of the likes like Attila, Stalin, Poll Pot and Hitler tiny. As all the four mentioned names, God also had a good reason for going on a killing spray. All four mentioned did not like certain people, regardless why. God was more direct; he did not like what they are doing. What makes however, the Abrahamic God more evil was that not only he wanted the people dead. He wanted everything dead regardless, humans, animals and flora. Not a quick dead but a slow drowning dead.

Is that an act of a God who is all-powerful and good?

Or was it an act of his opponent who wanted to destroy all that God had created? In both the answer must be the same, it certainly was not an action or reaction of an all powerful and good one.
That evil and gruel action makes all what he does later irrelevant, as he could do it again, a kind of psycho one and two. It does explain his silly actions in the Garden of Eden. First, he create a beautiful garden, he placed two special created people in there, then suddenly he places all kind of restrictions, WHY? Again, it proof that we must have severe doubts about his being good, a good God would not place a destructive burden upon them.

We have to realize that it here concerns a story, not a reality. The flood in reality never existed, although frantic searches were and are made millions wasted, while never a shred of evidence was/is found. Creationists create, but then again it their duty to create. We have reactions seen as that of Hugh Ross as he gives a reaction on the bibles account of recreation. '' Here was a journal-like record of the earth’s initial conditions,'' he said. Sorry to say, but this way over the top as there is no journal like record of the earth’s conditions. This salesman terms is called over selling. The fact is that there is no record at all of the condition of earth at that time. We have simple to take it as a to eager over enthusiastic writer who wanted to make somewhere an impression and decided to write a longer piece the first chapter of genesis is long. Probably to impress. To the more down to earth, it is bizarre, and ultimately incorrect.

What did happen if it did happen, in large lines it was simple the original story of the creation as was held by most of the tribes in the Fertile Crescent. Till the Great Assembly there was not much different between them, even in the times of the Kings the majority of the tribes believed in Ba'al as the main God. The Great Assembly changed this. They streamlined the creation story, made it smooth and easy understandable and lined it with one God only. Now they had the history they needed, the creation they wanted, and the religion to control the people. However, till that great Assembly meeting there was no different between the Hebrew and the Sumerian/Babylonian account of the creation. Names and Situation did differ following the tide of power changes. However, clear-cut it was basically the same story.

It was only after that Great Assembly meeting, that they had only one God who created the world by his own command. Before that it was simple a copy of the Sumerian story. Genesis only arrived at the Great Assembly meeting. Not before. The facts remain, the Old Testament until that great Assembly meeting was simple a reflection of the Sumerian and Babylonian folks tales. Different only are visible after that meeting, after they had streamlined the story, after they had officially created the one God. The genesis story only starts from that time. We do realize that to sell a story you need a story, and the bible is a just as good story as, for example the Lord of the Rings.

However, they changed it, for the sake of gain; the story is used to indoctrinate people, to scare people, to kill people, to demand money from people, not directly but via the creation of curiosity. For that curiosity you have to pay. Let us be clear, from day one that was the purpose, which is why the whole of the history is created, simple to make money. The popes knew what they were doing. They like the creationist of today, changed, re-wrote a changed it again added and removed parts till they had the smooth running story, which would sell, and selling it did. The riches of the churches are well known and clearly visible. What is not known and not visible is the history of the benefit for the believers, if there are any benefits.

The old saying the biggest crooks sitting on the front benches of the church, is unfortunate to many times a proven reality. The loudest of screamers to praise God are also the most notorious killer’s maybe not by themselves but in name of them. For recent history see the war in Iraq, started as a murdering strategy under the heading of the infamous weapons of mass destruction. This fantasy story came from Israel, and turned out to be a lie and not the first one. And then we are to believe the writings of the very people who deliberate were telling a lie. It cast even more doubts.

The Churches and the creationists can alter, add, change, re-write and change again, but it cannot make the fact that the bible is a simple folk’s story, a myth. If the creationist just for one moment stopped to sift through everything the scientist does, stopped just for one moment with altering and re-writing to bible and used that time to investigate the Hebrew Myth maybe than just maybe there could be proof being shown or the lack of proof being shown. Till this moment they are making a fool of themselves by constant attacking the scientists. While their attention should be looking for real clear-cut evidence of geneses, as till this moment there is none. In the mean time think of God as the First clause, and take it from there.

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