32599 and moraly corrupt, NATO

To murder or not to murder is the question America are asking themselves. It is now obvious that they have chosen for murder and destruction by leaving the INF treaty and accelerating the nuclear production. They have a pretext for doing this and as all their pretexts as is proven over time, it is a fabrication so that Trumps companies and friends companies can make small fortunes in building new weapons. For the Americans killing is fun hence they supporting Israel who does this daily. They support the actions of the by them created government in the Ukraine even their proven fantasy stories, as in Crimea Ukraine says there is a shifting of the population, of the 2,250,000 people in Crimea 65% of them were in 2014, Russian, but now after Ukraine said 800,000 to one million Russians from Siberia are now in the Crimea added to the population Ukraine says a war crime as Crimea is an annexation. Article 49 of the fourth Geneva Convention states that "The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies." The strange fact is that after the 800,000 to 1.000.000 new entries in the Crimea the population is still 2.250,000. That is the Ukraine said all the Ukrainians left, but according to the count in 2018 17% is still Ukrainian and the Tartar population even has increased by 4%. That sum does not add up.


However the people of Crimea voted to leave the Ukraine back to Russia where they always were part of it when it was illegal given as a present by a Ukraine born Russian president, to the Ukraine, remember it was a present. The people of Crimea voted as the Western countries know very well in a referendum that was said to be free and fair, as the observers said. As such it is not an annexation but a people vote. Then again in the NATO, the EU, and the USA peoples vote do not count unless they vote the way those countries want.


Then we have an American president saying we never will again interfere in other countries (2016) we never will attempt regime change again. A State who said Russia did interfere in America, remember? Now we have that same president interfering in other countries, 15 in Africa, 14 in the Middle East, 4 in the Far East, and 20 in Europe, we have that same president that is now interfering in Venezuela with the same pretext as used in Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, Somali, Syria, regime change.


And as usual, the US dependencies in the EU/Europe, strait away siding with the USA, as they did against Russia and do against China. The EU as a block is USA controlled in every facet of their actions. American handlers are sitting in when the heads of State meet, they are there when the Soviet style Commissars are meeting and they have sitting at the EU parliament controlling who does what and who says what. Those people who are saying the in USA eyes saying the wrong things are later taken aside and told off/corrected....... or else.


In Venezuela the present president was elected in free and fair elections even the USA observers did say so, now suddenly because the President Maduro does not want to hand over the oil to the USA. The USA did the same with Libya when they refused the hand over the oil and we all know the result mainly done by the EU countries on orders of their master the USA. Now the EU wants to do the same in Venezuela while the Foreign minister of the EU, Federica Mogherini said that the Venezuela President is an dictator, repeating the same as she has done on USA orders with other countries demolished by the USA and the EU.


That the situation is bad in Venezuela is due to the economic blockade by America supported by (who else) the EU. EU countries even stole 1.2 billion from Venezuela held in Britain the dog master of the EU. USA itself has handed over billions of Venezuela money to the by USA former student leader now by USA appointed as President unelected and as the last election did show no real followers then the Right wing students.


Then we have the USA withdrawing from the INF treaty inventing the pretext so well loved by the PM of Britain; Russia done it. But actual that withdrawal was already on the cards since George W Bush. They are like Britain, they do not like to be tied to agreements, USA not to a treaty with Russia, Britain nor with a treaty with the EU. Strange enough the USA uses the same Nazi style excuses all the time a legally elected president is suddenly declared a dictator with the help of the USA/EU media. And that is enough for the USA to start a war. Never mind that USA largest friends are dictators in the Middle East, they killing people but they are friends of America and the EU as such regardless of the killings, are good. OK, they murder openly but hey they are friends.......


On the other hand the NATO supported the illegal referendum in 2017 of the Iraqi Kurds, they also support as does the EU and the USA the transfer of Israeli onto Palestinian annexed land in the West Bank and on the Golan Heights which belongs to Syria. So while NATO does not accept a referendum by the Crimea population they do support the illegal referendum in Iraq and the Israeli occupation. It shows one thing clear, NATO is corrupt, and as such they can make all kind of statements of which they know they are lying but as Joseph Goebbels so clearly said if you repeat a lie long enough you start to believe it is the truth.

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