32594 It is the creators story

We have seen over the years when exposed to reality the weaknesses of the creator’s theory, for the bewildering of suggestion, re-written and altered and re-written beginning of the bible.

However let us turn to that bible for more information. We Learn that the Great Assembly a two and a half thousand years ago in meeting to create a history and a religion for the Hebrew population, managed to fit together a series of patriarchal leaders dating back to the presumed Adam and Eve.

As God himself said he created man and man needed a woman so he created out of Adam a woman.

We also know that Eve had her first born son and said see I have a man from God.

We also know from the same bible that he had a brother and that this brother was brutally murdered by his eldest brother.

That brother was sent away. What the bible does not explain how it was possible that Cain suddenly found a wife. A wife that must have parents. If we presume that Cain and his wife were more or less of the same age take or give a couple of years, then the parents of his wife must be more or less giving or take a couple of years, been of the same age of Adam and Eve. If we know from the bible that God created Adam and Eve in adult form, and that there is in the bible not a word about other human creation, then we have to presume that those parents of the wife of Cain had followed to normal process of being born and raised to adulthood.

If that is the case and the bible does not give an explanation, then the parents of the wife of Cain also must have parents, who were born out of parents, who again were born out of parents.

As we also know that Cain build himself a city, and if we may presume that in that city were more people then only Cain, his wife and her parents, as we also know that, there were no cities build before 3500 BC then we must have a miracle of enormous proportions.

Here we have a man born out of Adam and Eve, who find himself a wife. If we for the example presume that this wife was the only female around. However, we know that tribal compounds around the time the Hebrews set as the time for Adam and Eve had several hundreds to several thousands of inhabitants.
Then we may presume on the bibles own instigation that at the time Cain found his wife, that there was not just his new found wife but at least an couple of hundreds humans more.

To put it simple, were the heck did they come from. The bible does not give an explanation.

Now we can do as the creationist do, count all that is written from genesis till the last word of revelations, if they disregards all what they cannot use and only use the parts they can fit, then maybe it would be possible to find an explanation. It is what they are doing to create an explanation as they do for other parts of the bible. After all the creationist have been proven to be better than everyone else to change, alter and re-write all they do not want or does not fit in their vision.

However, they in their eagerness to prove a point that does not exist, they forget that the Great Assembly did not know about John, Paul in fact they did not know any of the many writers of the new testament. Many of the writers of the New Testament also never have known the man Jesus.

Still they managed to tell us exactly as what he has said, and what he told them what we should do. Better still they received many of those massagers in their dreams. We all know that what you dream is not what does happen in reality, but is merely fantasy. Fantasy in relation of underlying wishful thinking or desires.

Then again you can make money out of fantasies, look as real writers such as Tolkien.

However let us go back to the beginning, in the time that God created all within six days.

What are we to make from that statement? We know now that there are creationists who have severe doubts about that creation story and that are what it is just a story. We have now already renowned creationist who casting doubt over the Hebrew Bereshit story, casting doubt over the word Bara meaning create, but that is now transformed into forming. We have others who say that the world creation must be seen over a much longer period.

They say that the Great Assembly only said 6 days and the 7th day as rest to make it clear to the people that they should be working 6 days but on the 7th day they could rest. In that contest the 6 days were done for the convenience of the people.

The creationist have made it themselves much more easier, if the old testament does not explain it then take selected phrases from the old and the new testament take the best suited parts and fix a likely version together. That is what is called creation, and the ones who are doing just that creationist.

After all it is not the bible that is central here; it is the word in it that must attract the masses.

In fact that story of Adam and Eve is so full of holes that it looks like an emmerthaler cheese.

However leave it to the creationist and they will find words, link them together with other word that are than linked again with complete different parts of the bible. That way they will find something to make the masses believe that what they are saying is correct. However to read those correct words they have to pay first.

By charging for the word and the explanation of the word itself becomes a sales object and therewith the object of the sales pitch maker, enter the creationist.

That Adam and Eve were not alone on Earth is sometimes regarded that we should read that Adam and Eve were the only ones in the Garden of Eden.

With that the suggestion is made that there outside the garden were more humans, hence that it was easy for Cain to find a wife.

The bible in his original Hebrew form however does not reveal this, nor is there any mention of it in real terms or by suggestion.

That God was not alone is also clearly stated in the bible, so was it God who did the creating or did he had his many sons do the work.

The Creationist will us have to believe that those sons were angels, not real sons. This however contradicts again the bible. The bible clearly states that the sons of God came down to earth to take the women for themselves. No ghosts here as is so many time suggested, no divine sons of heaven, no spirits,
Just sons who wanted a woman and simple took them.

Maybe it was the Giants who were on earth that were the angels or the opposites of God.

It will be obvious that the creationist needed something to scare the new believers to keep them believing. And there it was the Devil!

Here they throw in their own figural windows.
God is all-powerful and good.

He is either all-powerful or just a normal deity.

If he is all-powerful then there can be no challenge to him, being all-powerful.

If he is a normal deity such as in the Gilgamesh epic, then of course there is the possibility of other deities wanting to have part in everything.

Nowhere in the Old Testament is the mention of angels; the first salesman of Christianity invented them. The Old Testament speaks about sons of God in Genesis, in Job; it speaks of archangels in Daniel, the book of Enoch, but not in Job.

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