32589 The US/UK want to rule the world.

Now the UK has stepped out of the EU following a fantasy they do not belief in either as we so clearly can see I their program statements. And from the statement of Boris Johnson the by Donald Trump selected PM of the UK was a mixture of the statements equal to those of Rudolf Hess mixed with the fantasies of Joseph Goebbels, with indoctrination threats against the UK population then it is obvious they all wished that May never had said Brexit means Brexit. It was from day one obvious it never could be delivered for the benefit of the UK people. His failings to negotiate and instead punishing, he thinks, the EU countries with the Corona measures is plain dumb, it will be remembered afterwards and not to the benefits of the UK. The ferry and airports would be blocked, while Northern Ireland would see a tied sea and land border. UK would fall right into the hands of the Americans, as most of the UK larger business already is including the health service.

But then if we remember the “Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” Sir Walter Scott. The creation of false excuses to justify going to war is a major first step in constructing public support for such deadly ventures. Perhaps the most common pretext for war is an apparently unprovoked enemy attack. Such attacks, however, are often fabricated, incited or deliberately allowed to occur. They are then exploited to arouse widespread public sympathy for the victims, demonize the attackers and build mass support for military “retaliation.”

The Americans under cover of the NATO are seeking for a pretext to attack Russia in a similar pretext as was done to start the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Iraqi war.
The Korean pretext was; On June 25, 1950, the North Korean military were said to have moved three miles into South Korea territory. An act that never did happen, however the South Koreans (ROK) launched a six-hour artillery attack and then pushed 1 or 2 kilometres across the border. They responded to “halt the enemy’s advance and go over to a decisive counterattack.” US Secretary of State, Dean Acheson was “quick to seize the opportunity to blame the war on North Korea regardless of the evidence.” North Korea was accused of “brutal, unprovoked aggression.” However, Dr. Channing Liem, the former South Korean ambassador to the UN (1960-1961) wrote: “For Washington, the question, ‘who fired the first shot?’ carried special significance…. Assistant Secretary of State for UN Affairs…[revealed] before the Senate Appropriations Committee, 1950, the US had devised a plan prior to the start of the war to gain approval from the UN to send its troops to Korea under the UN flag in the event that South Korea was attacked. It was imperative, therefore, that the ‘first shot’ be fired by the North, or at least that such an argument could be made. Thanks to the Americans, millions died.

For Vietnam the pretext was; On July 30, 1964, enemy torpedo boats supposedly attacked a US destroyer, the USS Maddox, in North Vietnam’s Gulf of Tonkin. This lie of an “unprovoked attack” against a “routine patrol” threw the U.S. headlong into war. That attack as we now know did never happen as the Maddox was actually involved in “aggressive intelligence gathering in coordination with actual attacks by South Vietnam and the Laotian Air Force against targets in North Vietnam.”60 They wanted to provoke a response “but the North Vietnamese wouldn’t bite. So, Johnson invented the attack.” On August 5, 1964, although he knew the attack had not occurred, Johnson couldn’t resist this opportunity for a full-scale war. Thanks to the Americans Millions died.

We all know the pretext for the invasion of Panama “unprovoked attack on a US soldier who did not return fire.” Actual the soldier was killed when he did not stop for an US road block and it were US soldiers who killed him. On December 20, 1989, “Operation Just Cause” began. More than 4,000 were killed. US crimes included indiscriminate attacks, extra judicial executions, arbitrary detentions, destruction of property (like levelling the Chorrillos neighbourhood), use of prohibited weapons, erasing evidence and mass burials. Thanks to the Americans 40,000+ died. The total of the US invasions of Panama from 1895, 1901-1903, 1908, 1912, 1918-1920, 1925, 1950, 1958, 1964 and 1989, stands at just over a million.

The pretext of the Iraqi war is well known, the famous non-existing weapons of mass destruction, Result thanks to the Americans a half million people died and the country is still in turmoil.

Now the Americans say they have ended their slaughter in Afghanistan and they need a new war and what a better one then Russia with all his wealth of oil and gas plus all the minerals the USA needs. They even contracted a criminal , leader of a very small opposition part, Navalny, and supplied him with all he needed, to go exactly nowhere. As a country of cowards they need the Western states to do the work for them as they always have done, afterwards they always cal it that they the Americans had done it single-handed, there is no honesty under cowards.

The pretext they are looking for is a so-called attack by Russia. However, Russian refuses to play ball, hence we had the stories of Russian planes invading NATO space while proven to be in International airspace. While day after day Nato planes invading Russian airspace, Nato troops standing at the Russian border, and Nato warships along the sea borders. We had the Swedish looking for a Russian Submarine that did not exist, a Russian spying plane inside Russia and the NATO complain that there are Russian troops inside Russia, Never mind USA from their own country on the Russian border, never mind arming Ultra Right Nazi supporters in the Ukraine, never mind forming fascist fighting groups in the Ukraine, never mind robbing the Ukraine blind, never mind to have started a civil war. The USA system is they stirring and let others die for it before the USA reaps the profits.

Whatever the reason, the war like Americans will start another war regardless, a war which they just as the ones before will not win, but will kill millions during which time they will the other NATO countries let pick up their deaths and their losses, and after which the USA will declare they would withdraw, as they always do leaving countries in chaos, just as done in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. etc. They have tried Russia but they refuse to play the game, they have tried Syria even with the help of the rough State Israel, they threatening Iran and China. There are currently 7500 US soldiers in Poland and the Baltic states, but the organization believes that this is not enough. With German troops, as well, the Polish troops despatched into the Ukraine and on the border of the Ukraine, NATO fleets in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea straight at Russian borders, with NATO troops in Latvia and Lithuania right at the Russian borders, and the NATO still complaining that there are still Russian troops in Russia.

The alliance cites the current situation in Ukraine, as well as Russian military aircraft “incursions” into the airspace of the organization’s allies, while failing to supply proof, the American tanks are now standing at the Russian borders, as is the USA fleet.  The 1st Cavalry Division, based at Fort Hood in Texas, is deployed in Adazi, not far from the Latvian capital of Riga. The Abrams M1A2 is an upgrade of the Abram M1A1, which was used in combat during the 1991 Gulf War. The Abrams are armed with a M256A1 120mm smooth bore cannon, while they also feature one M240 7.62mm machine gun. The combat force consists of around 700 troops and 20 tanks. The 1st Cavalry Division will replace a number of lightly armed US paratroopers, who were deployed in March, following a referendum in Crimea, where local residents elected to cede from Ukraine and saw the peninsula becoming part of Russia.

The fantasy of the NATO and the Ukraine that Russian tanks and weapons are transported into the Donbas is already put back to the land of fantasies by the UNSG and the OSCE. The Donbas are disappointed that Russia is not helping them, and that could be the start of a long cold ice winter. Russia lost 28 million men and woman fighting together against Nazism. Without Russia the USA would also have lost against Hitler, as they always fail to win wars unless it is against small countries or those without a proper army. And what is the thanks of the Americans, placing rocket systems on the Russian borders, arming Nazi’s and fascist they told they hated so much but who they actual are supporting and arming. The management in the US appear to act irrationally, but it is still believed that the common sense of the Europeans prevail in the end if they can remove the US dollar filling leaders of the EU.

Does anybody really think that this Putin, Russia's leader, will take the chance and attack the U.S. or for that matter any of the NATO countries? It would be bad for the Russian business, as an expansion is not in the interest of the Russian President. How many people on both sides will be killed and what will Russia gain? As for the body count, who cares? You people do know that Putin is the very big favourite in Russia and the people of Russia are willing to fight for their homeland if need be. Just like Europeans are willing to defend their countries and just like you and I are willing to defend our own house. Although the west under USA instructions saying that Putin has actual lost power and control, and that Navalny now in a German hospital with Meningitis Septicaemia and in coma as is normal in the early stages of the disease, but USA has already given the order to the Germans, it has to be poisoning, something only idiots believe.

The United States and its European allies share most of the responsibility for the Ukraine crisis. They trained the Ultra Right parties (CIA); they funded it and promoted it, they supplied the snipers. The taproot of the trouble is NATO enlargement, the central element of a larger strategy to move Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit and integrate it into the West (EU) and NATO the US military bloc. Just as they now trying to do with Belarus, which has a president who is by civilized standards already to long in power. His opponent the USA supported nobody will win, and Belarus will turn into another Ukraine. Since the mid-1990s, Russian leaders have adamantly opposed NATO enlargement. NATO should have been buried at the end of the cold war: instead, the NATO-parasites went on the offensive, breaching the understanding reached by Western leaders with than Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev, and expanded into most of Eastern Europe. The seeds of World War III are being planted by the US and the UK. The Cold War With Russia Could Turn Hot again.

The Russian mistake was and still is that they think they could trust America, the proof shows they cannot. Americans are standing out in broken promises, broken contract and broken words. Here Russian made a mistake in believing that they could have a real agreement with the Ukraine, the USA would not allow it.

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